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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Floral Fantasy from Freddies Flowers

I have a serious flower addiction, nothing and I mean nothing makes me happier than a beautiful vase overflowing with a gorgeous floral arrangement.  

Normally I would settle my floral craving by visiting my local florist, however I always seem to be laden down with the weekly food shop and end up returning home with flowers that look a little worse for wear!  

Now this is where Freddie's Flowers makes a grand entrance, they are a floral subscription service that deliver a selection of beautiful flowers straight to your door every week for just £20 a pop! 

One of my favourite things about Freddies Flowers is that they not only deliver a beautiful array of flowers but for the novices among us they also give tips on how to arrange them and also what shape and height of vase to use, could you possibly ask for anything more?

If you follow me on Instagram sophie_j_thorne then you will have seen my snaps and stories about the weekly opening of my flowers, Friday is now officially know as Floral Friday in my household!  

Once I have unpacked them from their beautiful brown packaging and taken the obligatory Instagram Boomerang pic I then have fun arranging them in a vase and find the perfect place for them to live while I watch them bloom into the gorgeous floral fantasy that you can see below.

After two days I had a vase full of beautiful Amaryllis, Solidago (golden Rod) & Alstroemeria which are a vision of green and white!  If you are as flower mad as me or whether you want to treat one of your nearest and dearest to a bouquet every week then hop on over to and show them some love.

Are you as flower mad as me, if so what is your favourite flower?


Monday, 27 February 2017

Shrove Tuesday

As far as I am concerned Shrove Tuesday Is one of the best days of the year.  Any day which has pancake eating at it's core I am all over!

I have made scotch pancakes since I was a child, my brother and I standing either side of my mother, squabbling over who would get the first one off of the Aga.  Twenty years down the line the only thing that has changed Is that I am now the one whipping them up for family breakfasts, and as the cook it is obligatory to test your food, you wouldn't want to make anyone ill now, would you! 

As a pancake fanatic I like to think I have a pretty killer recipe so for those of you who don't have one then look no further.

For 8-10 pancakes you will need:

115g self raising flour
25g caster sugar
1 free range egg
150ml (1/4 pint) milk

To serve (the world is your oyster):

lemon & sugar (super traditional)
chocolate & banana (very French)
maple syrup & bacon (hello America)
fruit compote & fresh berries (trying to be healthy!)


Place the flour and sugar into a bowl and mix together.  Make a well in the centre and add the egg and half the milk.  Whisk together adding the remainder of the milk gradually to make a smooth batter.

Once combined drop tablespoonfuls onto an oiled/non-stick pan.  Cook one side then flip them over and cook the other.  Keep the cooked pancakes  warm in a clean tea towel.  Once you have cooked all your batter it is time to demolish them with your topping of choice.

What will you be smothering your pancakes in tomorrow morning?
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