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Monday, 8 December 2014

'Me Time' With Some Help From Christy

Hello Lovelies,

After a less than peachy couple of days I decided I needed to take a little me time. 

I think taking a bit of time for yourself is really important, it allows you to de-stress, unwind, and makes for a happier, healthier person.  

My top six 'Me Time' activities are:

Going for a run

Taking a bubble bath
Reading a book
Giving myself a manicure
Watching Netflix 
Doing a bit of Yoga

I decided that a lovely hot bath would do the trick, so I poured some of my favourite Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Body Wash into the bath, for a relaxing bubbly soak, then lit my new favourite Christy Candle In Fragrance 1*. 

"a beautiful blend of soothing chamomile layered with delicate notes of lemon blossom, violet all resting on a base of sweet musk & precious woods" 

Alongside my lovely candle I had the fluffiest towel in the world, a Christy Royal Turkish Towel* in a beautiful Mulberry colour.  If you are in the market for new towels, (or maybe an Xmas prezzie) then head here for the best in town!   

This post was created in collaboration with Christy. All views are honest and entirely my own!
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