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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Freshers Survival Guide 2014

Hello Lovelies,

It's that time of year again, when freshers start fretting about starting Uni.  Well fear ye not, I'm going to give you lovelies a freshers survival guide that will make your first weeks (year) at Uni a breeze!

Now first of all 'What to take to Uni':


Passport Photos

Uni Documents + UCAS Info in a file
National Insurance Number
Rail Card
School Notes that may be relevant 


Mugs &glasses

Plates & bowls (two of everything - your flatmates will use your stuff!
Frying pan
Can opener
Mixing bowl
Baking tray
Wooden Spoon
Chopping Board
Cling Film
Tea Towel
Scrubbing Brush
Washing up liquid
Loo roll

Your Room: (Check what is provided)


Bed Linen
Pillow + Duvet
Stationary (hole puncher, stapler are very handy)
Stamps & envelopes
White tac
Printer (if you have one)
Memory stick


Everyday clothes

Glad rags (pretty dress for Freshers Ball)
Gym Clothes 

The Useful Bits:

Towels & flannels

Toiletries (don't forget the dry shampoo!!!) 
Make up
Hair dryer
Door wedge
Clothes hangers


Pack of cards

Travel/weekend bag
Sewing kit
Hot water bootle
A few good books (to wind down)

After you have unpacked your bags and settled into your room you will want to go and introduce yourself to your shiny new flatmates.  I took some Chewy Raisin Cookies with me which was a great ice breaker.  As well as befriending your flatmates (the people who will probably become your besties) find friends on your course, its always great to have a study/revision partner.

Freshers week will have lots of mandatory lectures and meetings but will also be jam packed full of lots of fun taster sessions for clubs and societies, get a wiggle on and give them a try!  

The Freshers Fair, GO!!!  Everyone wants you to be part of their society/club, so they will all be there trying to lure you in with pens, mugs, sweets and key rings, (I was even given a rape alarm) free stuff is always good.  Being part of a club will broaden your social scene sooooo much, so find something you love, and get social.  

The next bit is a little serious, but something I feel I should include, so straight faces people!

  1. Keep Campus security's number in your phone.
  2. Stick to main roads especially at night.
  3. Put spare money down your bra when you go out, just in case of emergencies
  4. Always use a well known taxi firm, and avoid going home alone.
  5. Be confident (very important).
  6. Don't consult maps on the street at night - try and know where you are going before you set out.
  7. Keep your phone with you.
Last but by no means least, having a rape alarm within reach is a really good idea.  I know some people think they don't work but a friend and I were in a tricky situation one night and we are both convinced that things could have been very different if we hadn't used hers.

Now lets get back to the fun stuff, as well as finding new chums, you want to use freshers week to get organised and sort your room out, it will be your space for the next year so get creative and start decorating


Some string, clothes pegs and photos of your nearest and dearest are a great way to decorate on a pinch, pop to Poundland for your pegs and string and get onto Snapfish for 20 free 6x4 prints when you upload your first photos, a cheap as chips way to decorate your room. 


I love a good collage, I used a heart photo collage in my dorm room, but I love the way this one is in the corner, a perfect way to brighten things up.  Either use photos or postcards, as a History of Art student I had millions of postcards from galleries so my heart was full of famous paintings and sculptures.

As well as photos, stringing fairy lights and bunting can make your room nice and homely.  My last tip is cushions cushion cushions, it's a great way to turn your bed into a sofa, and having a comfy place to sit and chat will make you very popular. 

After freshers week comes the start of uni and lectures, I'm a complete geek and loved all my different lectures and lecturers.  But if it doesn't click straight away just keep going, the best advice I can give is do the reading and talk to your tutors if you get stuck, that's what they are there for. 

You will obviously be spending every waking minute in the library!!!  Let's get real here, procrastination will be the story of your life.  So here's a few ideas, some are semi useful while others are just plain indulgent.

  1. Cook, everyone needs a proper meal now and then 
  2. Social Media
  3. Gossip with your friends
  4. Tidy your room
  5. Do your laundry 
  6. Watch Netflix
Productive Procrastination:

  1. Make a nest on your bed and do your reading
  2. Arrange your files 
  3. Highlight your notes in rainbow colours (my favourite form of procrastination)

Next is the dreaded freshers fifteen, it's something you really want to avoid, lots of booze, fast food and eating at silly hours won't be good for your waistline.  So grab those running shoes and pound the pavements, not only will it keep you slim and healthy but it's also a great way to stop the stress.

Last but by know means least HAVE FUN and lots of it.  You'll meet some amazing people, experience new things, make great friends and if you work hard finish with a killer degree.   

Be very silly!!!

So good luck and have fun my lovelies.


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