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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Garlic Farm, A Little Gem On The Isle of Wight

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would tempt you all in with this super yummy picture of white bate, I mean could you honestly resist a bowl of crispy white bite with garlic sauce and a little bowl of salt & pepper fries, no I didn't think so!

I love The Garlic Farm, It's a little gem on the Isle of Wight.  Although I have visited a couple of times I have never actually walked around it or eaten at the restaurant.

After a bit of a slow morning we drove to The Garlic Farm for an early lunch and a mosey around.  The menu is a garlic lovers dream, so I was in my element!  I spent far to long pondering over the menu, white bait or burger, white bait or burger such a tricky decision.  Although the burger looked immense I have a love of white bate which just cant be trumped, (even by a juicy garlicky burger).  The menu is pretty insane, I could honestly eat everything on it, the food is all as fresh as it can be with the garlic and veggies being grown on the farm.  It is a definite must if you are in the area.

I was very uncouth as I ate the whole thing with my fingers (Grandma wouldn't be pleased!)  I wasn't alone though, while I was neglecting my knife and fork my brother was dropping parts of his burger down the front of his t-shirt, we're such ruffians, you can't take us anywhere!   

After finishing our meal we went exploring.  The Garlic Farm has a beautiful flower meadow which I just wanted to run and frolic in. 

I was wearing my favourite Paisley Print Dress, a shift with a deep V neckline in beautiful purple and emerald tones, which perfectly matched the wild flowers and grass, but sadly the snaps of my brother and I running around where somehow lost!!!

As well as lots of wild flower frolicking there was also their beautiful kitchen garden to view and lust after (some serious lusting was done, especially by me).  When I'm all grown up and married I want to live in an old house in the middle of nowhere with a few children, a beautiful veggie patch, two bouncy dogs, some chickens and maybe a donkey (is that asking for too much?)

Before we made our way back to the shop to fill our pockets with garlic we made a pit stop at the pigs, who can resist giving a big muddy pig a scratch in the back!!!

After washing our hands we ventured into garlic heaven.  we filled our paper bags with Spanish Iberian and Elephant Garlic which is fabulous roasted (Fact: Elephant Garlic is actually a variant of the garden leek, you learn something new everyday).

Alongside their garlic they sell, chutney, dressings and all that jazz.  We were very cheeky and picked up some 'Honey Mustard & Garlic Dressing' for those days when we feel far to lazy to whip one up ourselves!!!

Is anyone else a massive garlic fan?



  1. I love garlic. I need to go to the isle of white now to go here!


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