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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sophie's Quinoa Salad

Hello Lovelies,

Last Saturday I was praying for good weather, but instead of the sun streaming through my shutters I awoke to grey ominous clouds.

I had H coming over for lunch, and had originally thought we could go for a little picnic but as the clouds where grey and full of rain we opted for the more sensible option and knocked up my quinoa salad at home. 

This salad is super yummy and something that I cook on quite a regular bases as it is super easy. 

Serves 2-3 people.


2 cups of quinoa

6 slices of chorizo

2 poached eggs

1 chunk of goats cheese

1 bunch of asparagus 

First you want to cut up your chorizo into little bits, you want it to go really crispy, so when you go to the deli ask for it to be thinly sliced.  

You could really swap it for any kind of meat (or omit it if your a veggie) but I love chorizo because the peppery taste adds a little bite and depth of flavour.

This dish is a bit of a juggling game, so at the same time your crisping your chorize you want to be cooking your quinoa.  

To cook 2 cups of quinoa you will need 4 cups of water (or if your really fancy chicken stock).  First rinse the quinoa with cool water for at least 2 mins, running your hand through it.  Then bring your water to a rolling boil, add your quinoa then turn down heat, cover and cook for 15 mins.  After 15 mins leave to stand then fluff with a fork.

As your quinoa is standing pop on your eggs.  I'm super lucky as I just fry my eggs without any oil on top of the AGA, but if your cooking on/in a conventional oven then the healthiest thing to do is poach them.

As your eggs are cooking you want to steam your asparagus, I normally cut my asparagus but H taught me a nifty trick, take each spear and bend, by doing this the woody end will naturally snap off.

Once everything has cooked shove it in a pretty bowl and serve.  Your friends will praise you for being a culinary genius and you can sit there, bask in the glory and have a scrummy lunch.


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  1. Ooh this does look delicious! I love the flavours you've put together! Very fancy! :D


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