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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pinterest Picks || For The Home

Hello Lovelies,

Pinterest and I are in 'complicated' relationship, I love it but it is a time waster, if it was a man it would be gone!  However as it's a pretty place full of beautiful pictures and endless inspiration I am going to let it stay.

I tend to scour Pinterest while I'm waiting for things (or just being lazy, but ssshhh that's a secret!)  This week I have gone a little crazy on my 'For The Home' board, so I thought I would show all you lovelies a few of my favourite pins.

  1. I love these painted stairs with numbers on.  I don't think I would paint it on a main staircase but I think it would look fab on the thinner stairs up to the attic rooms or maybe a back staircase.  As well as numbers I have seen photos where instead of numbers they have written the words in Spanish (or you could do it in french) which I also really love.  
  2. If your a regular reader you will know that I have an obsession with peonies, they are my favourite flower, as soon as they bloom in the garden I get very snap happy, so when this popped up on my home page I just had to pin it.
  3. I love a good gallery wall, and this one is amazing I love that they're both landscape and portrait, are different sizes and are all in different frames.  It is the gallery wall that I aspire to have.
  4. Last but definitely not least is this hammock in a beautiful wild flower meadow.  As a child we had a wonderful old canvas hammock that my father would string up between the apple trees on the orchard.  I would take myself of with my favourite book, climb into the hammock and read in the dappled shade.  When I'm older I would love to have a big garden with room to hang a hammock.
Are you Pinterest obsessed too, if you are come and say hello my account is @SophieJaneLife, what is yours?


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  1. I love it all. Such creative and fun ideas especially the gallery wall. I was planning on doing something similar to my room.


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