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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Monica Vinader Rose Gold Fiji Friendship Bracelet In Royal Blue

Hello Lovelies,

I enjoy reading blog posts just about as much as I enjoy writing them.  So two weeks ago when I was scrolling through my unread list on Bloglovin' I came across a Coco's Tea Party post that I had somehow missed.  I love her blog, but this post was really calling my name as it had a very pretty picture of a Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship Bracelet at the top and one of my favourite words, WIN!!!  

Now I would not class myself as lucky, I'd actually go as far as saying I'm rather unlucky, but to my utter surprise I actually won the #FriendshipFriday competition.  I was beyond excited when I received the tweet, I may or may not have jumped up and down, (but lets be honest if you had just won five Monica Vinader Rose Gold Fiji Bracelets wouldn't you?)

If you haven't heard of Monica Vinader, then where have you been!

But for those that aren't familiar with Monica Vinader, she produces award winning jewelry that oozes understated glamour with a lovely contemporary, natural twist.  The label is inspired by the Spanish designers passion for gems and pearls (all sourced ethically), nature and travel.  Her aim is to create 'something that is special for everyday wear.'    

I love all her jewelry, but I have rings and necklaces that I wear on a daily basis, but have no pretty bracelets so when these beautiful rose gold creations came through my letterbox it didn't take long for me to slip one on my wrist.  Of course I was a stereotypical blogger and took the obligatory snaps for you lovelies.

I have to admit to falling in love with the Fiji Friendship bracelets, I like most teenagers went through a stage of adorning both my wrists with various woven creations, so the Fiji bracelets bring those memories back but in a more grown up style.  Instead of wooden beads there is a curve of 18 karat rose gold vermeil and replacing the yarn is a vibrantly coloured silk cord.  The bracalets are a beautifully simple piece of jewelry that can be worn in both a dressy or relaxed environment.

I hope I have tempted you all to have a little look, and maybe get a little spendy, Naughty Naughty!!!



  1. Wow what an amazing win! These bracelets are gorgeous, I have my eye on the Bali Mint bracelet. ox Lucy

  2. What a gorgeous bracelet! I'm sure you'll love wearing it! X Jane

    1. It's soooo pretty, I have worn it everyday. Xx


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