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Monday, 23 June 2014

Horses & Hats At Royal Ascot

Hello Lovelies,

Last Saturday was a glorious day filled with fashion, food and amazing people (oh and of course the racing!)

After a crazy morning we all bundled into the Land Rover and made our way to Ascot, picking up members of our party along the way, until all four cars were in a mini convoy creeping their way up Ascot high street.  The only perk of having to queue is that you can people watch, and let me tell you, there is no better place! 

After winding our way through the course we made it to the car park and set up, well the men set up the gazebos and tables (man stuff) while the women faffed with flowers, plates and cutlery.

Just look how pretty, not a paper plate in sight!     

Once everything was set up we cracked open the champagne and set about enjoying the day. 

After nibbling on various goodies and guzzling champagne we sat down to eat, chatting to family and friends, old and new.

Once the beef, chicken, potatoes and salad, we made our way towards my cousins brownies and the super fresh P.Y.O strawberries.  The lovely B took charge and handed them out very generously.  If her generous  strawberrydistributing wasn't enough then just look at the girl, stunning just doesn't cut it, and I am completely in love with her Reiss dress and rose gold accessories. 

After we had finished eating, dresses were adjusted, hats were pinned and button holes fastened.  There was a flurry of activity as we locked up the cars and made our way up to the Royal Enclosure, first having to walk through the fashion police looking for bare shoulders or to much leg.  

Having survived the icy stares we rushed through the crowds to catch a glimpse of the lady of the hour, who was rocking a beautiful light pink ensemble.  

After the fashion was the racing, I meant to take some artsy pictures, but if I'm honest I was to busy jumping up and down, which did no good at all as I only placed for one race.  However what I can offer you is a little more fashion.

I wore a beautiful royal blue multiway knee length dress by In One Clothing. I'm completely in love with their dresses, they are so versatile as you can go from slinky to demure in a few twists and ties, perfect for going from day to night or just someone who is indecisive like me. 

My beautiful cousin went for a very different look, she wore a skirt, shirt and jacket from Madderson London, a company I hadn't come across before but one that has beautiful pieces which would be fabulous for a plethora of events.  Although Ascot is over the summer season is just starting which means weddings and parties galore, so go and have a peek if you want something special to wear for your next soiree.

After the last race and a few fashion shots we headed back to the cars for cake, cheese, cherries and chatter (like what I did there!)  Everyone relaxed in the late afternoon sun, some counting their winnings while others nursed slightly empty wallets.  

Did anyone else get to enjoy the beautiful weather at Ascot this year?


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