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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

100 Day Spending Ban || Project SAVE MONEY!

Hello Lovelies,

You've gotta love Carrie Bradshaw, while at school my friends and I would decamp every lunchtime to my housemistresses office and watch the 'Sex and the City' box set on her little TV, we were pretty obsessed!  Although Carrie Bradshaws views are very appealing I'd love an amazing wardrobe full of gorgeous thing, it just isn't financially viable (at the moment!)

My bank balance has been crying recently, what with various birthdays, Fathers Day and buying an outfit for Ascot (always pricey) it is wailing for a break!  Because of all this expenditure I have set myself a 100 Day Spending ban.  Hopefully over the next three months the only money that will be leaving my account will be for necessities (and the odd meal out, everyone needs a treat)  So until September 19th I am carrying out project SAVE MONEY!

Is anyone else imposing a spending ban upon themselves, maybe your saving for a holiday, or something super exiting like a house or wedding. 



  1. Currently paying for our wedding and saving for a house... Feel like im on a constant spending ban haha :-)

  2. I should be on a spreading ban! But I wouldn't last a day! Lol


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