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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ziba Madeline Bracelet || A Bit of Turquoise Lovin'

Hello Lovelies,

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours, I even had turquoise bedroom walls as a teenager (absolutely hideous), what my parents were thinking when they decided to let me chose the colour of my bedroom, I will never know!!!

Now back to the bracelet, I'm not actually sure where I first saw it, I am a regular window shopper on the House of Fraser website, but it could also have very well have been on a blog post.

After waving my cursor of the buy button and finally making my purchase I waited with suspense for it to drop through the letter box.  When it did I was very pleasantly surprised.  The quality was amazing for only £8.50, definitely not what I was expecting.

The bracelet is from the Ziba Collection and is called the Madeline, It's made of cream leather with turquoise glass stones and brass hardware.  It's perfect for stacking, but would also look fab as a dainty stand alone piece.    

As well as the Madeline there is the Gemma which is white with little brass skulls (little rock chick) and the Lydia which is blue with turquoise glass stones and brass stars, so there is something to fit everyone's taste.

This morning while I was admiring my new wrist candy (It's just so joli) I was reminded of my favourite nail varnish from last Summer, Essie's 'IN THE CAB-ANA'.  A beautiful bright turquoise that lived on my nails for a good three months last year.  So I have decided, when the good weather sets in I will be whipping the little bottle out and going turquoise crazy.  

Are you excited about all the pretty bright colours?

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