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Monday, 26 May 2014

Glamping 101

Hello Lovelies,

I have to admit to not being a great fan of camping, sleeping on the hard ground, nowhere to wash, and don't even get me started about all those creepy crawlies!  However what I do love is being in the great outdoors, surrounded by family and friends and of course scoffing lovely grub.

Having grown up reading Swallows & Amazons and The Famous Five my siblings and I have a rather rose-tinted view of camping.  Although we weren't about to go and pitch my fathers old canvas tent, we did want to go and enjoy the outdoors so glamping was the perfect alternative.  We could all enjoy the countryside but still have the comfort of a hot shower in the morning, no jumping into Lake Coniston for a wash!  

After a lot of chatter about various places, we decided to go to Cedar Valley in Hampshire.  Two weeks after booking we filled the Land Rover with yummy food, warm clothes and of course our wellies, then jumped in and drove to the Bereleigh Estate where our Safari tent was waiting.

We stayed in the Cedars tent which was lovely and secluded, absolutely perfect for running wild.  If your looking for a great glamping destination in the South then check them out (here).    

Wellies are a must whether it's Spring or Summer, as we all know good Old Blighty loves nothing more than a good rain storm.  Even if you have glorious sunshine a pair of wellies is a must if your walking, especially with all those ticks lurking! 

Blankets are a fab idea (some tents are amazingly equipped, we were very lucky), during the chilly evenings you can make a nest around the fire, or snuggle up in the tent.  Everything is better when your all toasty warm.

Campfires and marshmallows are a must! 

If your anything like our family, then building the fire and roasting them is better than the eating part.  Whether your a marshmallow lover or just a pyromaniac, camping wouldn't be complete without either of the above.


Last of all, and probably the most important is FUN, glamping is all about having fun and making memories.  Whether it is long walk with your family/friends, chopping wood for the fire (my brothers favourite activity), cooking up a storm on the BBQ or singing around the campfire, do whatever you love and makes you happy.

Are you a glamping convert or is traditional camping more your thing?

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