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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Verditer Slim Satin Bracelets

Hello Lovelies,

At the beginning of the week I was reading some of my favourite blogs and while reading the Lux Life Blog I saw a lovely bit of wrist candy.  The bracelet in question was by Verditer, so I cracked out my laptop and had a browse around their site. 

After lusting after all the pretty satin bracelets, I had a little read about the company.  Verditer was started by University of Exeter graduate Caspar Giles, the vision being to 'build a British lifestyle, clothing and accessories brand, which was inspired by the sporty university experience, British heritage, and the town country life'. 

They started with bracelets in the brands colours (which are so pretty) and they then started producing bespoke bracelets for university sports teams in club colours.  Soon after hey launched the range of solid satin slim bracelets which were available for all to buy (of which one is happily wrapped around my wrist right now).  

The company not only makes great bracelets but has fab values and tries as hard as possible to keep components, materials and manufacturing close to home.  With everything but the snap being made and produced in the UK.

I bought my first bracelet in 'Sea' which is a lovely grey/blue colour, I originally wanted something rather subtle to wear with lots of silver bangles, but after it had arrived I decided I needed some colour as well, as I'm just willing Spring to arrive!

So after taking some snaps I hopped back onto my laptop and ordered  two more in 'Steel' and 'Turk' a lovely gold/grey and a beautiful turquoise colour. 

As I was away when I ordered my first one I didn't realise how quick they were when it came to postage, having ordered them yesterday I wasn't expecting them to land on my doormat this morning (fabulous service). 

After ripping open the parcel like an excited toddler I found the two bracelets I had ordered as well as an extra one in 'Gold' (thank you very much Casper) which will look lovely in the Summer with a pretty white dress.

The  braclets make a fab alternative to the good old fashioned friendship bracelet, can add a lovely pop of colour to any outfit, and are perfect for stacking. 

Will you be giving your wrist a little present this Spring?
 (go on you know you want to)


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