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Monday, 28 April 2014

The Best Roast Chicken || Rock Salt, Lemon, Bay and Garlic

Hello Lovelies,

A good roast chicken is probably one of my favourite meals, it is perfect to make for a family, for a girly lunch with homemade chunky chips or at the beginning of the week for some seriously decadent roast chicken sandwiches, which WILL result in fridge theft, just to warn you!  


1 free-range chicken (please try and use free-range chicken, as we all know battery farms are horrid places, and the taste is so much better) 

2 preserved lemons

2 cloves of garlic

4 bay leaves

Drizzle of olive oil

A sprinkling of rock salt (I like Maldon)

Pre-heat your oven to 190C

The first thing you want to do is grab your chicken place it into a baking tray then remove/(check for) the giblets.  Once you know you are giblet free you can get cracking with your poultry masterpiece.

Chop you preserved lemons in half, then peel your two garlic and gently crush the cloves with the side of your knife.  You then want to stick your lemon, garlic cloves and bay leaves up your chickens butt.

Next you want to grab you olive oil and give your chicken a few glugs, it wants to be covered but not swimming in it so don't go crazy.  After covering it in oil grab a pinch of your rock salt and sprinkle over your whole chicken and rub it over with your hands, be gentle though you're not exfoliating it!

You then want to throw it on the middle shelf of your oven and get cracking with the rest of your meal, or just sit down and put your feet up. 

My chickens normally take around 2 hours to cook, however time will vary based on the size of your bird, but as a rule of thumb it is 20mins per pound, and then an extra 10-20 for luck, (there's no chance of salmonella in this house!)  

During the cooking process you want to baste it occasionally with all the juicy goodness to help keep it moist inside but also let the skin get all sizzly and crisp.

If I have chicken left I love to knock up a Chicken Soup, which is one of my favourite lunches, or if I am under the weather and want something a little more filling I will make a chicken noodle soup (serious comfort food).

Who else loves a good roast chicken?


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