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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Point-to-Point Shenanigans

Hello Lovelies,

Nearly every Easter Monday since I was a baby we have gone to the Hackwood Park Point-to-Point Steeplechase, basically a day to eat yummy picnic food, drink and have a little bet.  Over the last 6 years my cousins children have come along which just adds a little more fun, I love sitting and chatting, but my childish side love playing catch and running around with the little ones. 

Quoits and an assortment of rugby and footballs were bought along, but sitting on top of the Land Rover was rather more popular (something which I remember doing when I was little).  After a good play and a little walk around the course we popped open the fizz.

As you can see everyone got a bit giggly, especially my father!  After crisps, olives, crudités and some crab dip (a closely guarded family secret) we started organizing lunch.  I love a good picnic, eating outside is my favourite thing to do.  This years picnic consisted of tomato soup, quiche lorraine, chicken goujons, pork and apple sausages, sandwiches and salad.  

After devouring our lunch the hounds made an appearance which had the children in a frenzy.

My little goddaughter is quite the fashionista, and took a great liking to my sunglasses!

We had a family sweepstake for each race, but the children were definitely on a winning streak and seemed to win every one. 


After we had emptied our pockets of £1 coins we settled in the sun for some tea and cake.  We had Easter fairy cakes, flapjacks and millionaires shortbread, along with all the Lindt bunnies that were hopping around.  

Do you have any Easter traditions?

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