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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Little Blog! || Giveaway

Hello Lovelies,

Today marks the 1st Birthday of my blog, Hurrah!!!

For me blogging is like a chat with my best friend, as I write I feel as if I'm tucked up on a big comfy sofa with my best chums, tea in hand chatting about my life and little adventures.  Filling them in on my favourite products and nattering about the yummy food I have been consuming.         

After nattering away my mouse hovers over the publish button, and then click, off it shoots into the big wide web.  I then wait with baited breath to see if you all like it.  I share my news, recipes, likes and dislikes and you leave your comments and lovely likes on Bloglovin' (which always make me smile).  Although I know some of you read my musings and don't comment, I am confident that you will eventually say hello and let me know a little about you.  So I suppose in a nutshell today is a little (big) thank you note to all of you who read this blog. 

To celebrate my blog's birthday/anniversary I wanted to give you lovelies a little something.  It would be fab to be able to give you all a prezzie but sadly it just isn't possible so instead, fate will have to decide who the winner is.

As I'm a massive jewelry fan and love rings, I thought what better way to celebrate than to give you guys the chance to win a 'Pandora Birthstone Ring' I love mine and wear it everyday.  It is the perfect pretty little ring that is just fab for Spring/Summer, as you can stack it with others or wear it alone as a statement piece.

So to be in with a chance of winning, you need to be following this blog on Bloglovin' then leave a comment in the section below telling me what your favourite piece of jewelry is.  To get an extra vote you can also tweet about the giveaway (if you do let me know by tagging me at @SophsJane).  This Giveaway will close on the 23rd April. 

Good Luck! 

The winner of this giveaway has been notified, thank you so much for entering. XXX



  1. Happy 1year for your blog!! My favourite piece of jewelry is my daniel wellington watch :)

  2. Happy 1st birthday to your blog! My favourite piece of jewellery is a charm bracelet which has been passed down through my family :)

  3. Happy first birthday blog! I'm new here but can't wait to start reading your blog!

    My favourite jewellery is my pandora rings from my boyfriend, I wear them everyday!

    I also have a giveaway if you fancy entering!

  4. Congratulations! I always like your food posts- make me feel really hungry! :) My favourite piece of jewellery is my Georg Jensen daisy necklace that my dad bought me.

  5. Happy 1st Blogging Birthday darlin' !
    Such a lovely giveaway too :)
    My favourite piece of jewellery is a ring that has luckily been passed down to me, It's so gorgeous !

    Latasha xx |Today I Adore

  6. Happy 1 year! I always thought your blog had been going way longer! (This is meant as a compliment!) My favourite piece of jewellery at the moment is a silver wishbone necklace I got for my birthday!

  7. Wow, where has the last year gone?! My fav piece of jewllery is a silver and pink beaded bracelet my other half got me with an engraved heart charm. I've always wanted to have something engraved, so I was sooo excited to open that present on my birthday. It's not worth much in £, but worth soooo much in <3 x

  8. Happy blog birthday :) Congrats! These rings are gorgeous, how generous of you!
    It's quite hard to pick my fave piece of jewelry since I do own quite a lot and a few pieces are gifts so obviously I really love those, but I do really love my charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo, which I put together myself by picking out the charms over time. It's a chunky bracelet with large charms on it and I just love how it's fun and sophisticated at the same time. <3

  9. Happy blog birthday! My favourite piece of jewellery is the amethyst necklace my boyfriend got me :)

  10. Wowsers Happy Blog Birthday. my favourite piece of jewellery is either my engagement ring or wedding ring, it's tooooo hard to choose between them!

  11. Hello! :)
    My favourite pieces of jewelry are two beautiful silver rings that I got from my boyfriend. I wear them every single day and never take them off! Such a birthstone ring would look so perfect combined with the other two ones! I am just obsessed with such beautiful and delicate silver rings! <3

  12. Happy blog birthday! I love rings and bracelets, they just make an outfit!

    Shona Doolan


  13. Happy blog birthday - the first of many to come! I absolutely love earrings! Studs, hoops, dangly ones you name it I've got it! I think my earring collection is catching up in size with my nail varnish one now!

  14. Happy birthday to your blog! My favorite piece of jewelry is most definitely my James Avery Electra ring. My best friend and I both have one and I think it is a lovely best-friend piece without it actually saying "best-friend" on it. :)

  15. Following on Bloglovin as Jasanna! I just love the pearls I got from my grandmother. So sentimental. :)

  16. tweeted about the giveaway!

  17. Oh, that's a lovely prize - so different, but the rings are so pretty! I've been following you on BL for a while and really enjoy your blog! x

  18. Happy Birthday!! I absolutely love my scarlet statement necklace which I picked up from Primark, I've had so many compliments on it!

  19. Happy birthday. I can't believe you've been blogging a year already! I started reading your blog when you first started & my blog was called "birds and vines." Since then I took a massive blogging break (caved under pressure!) and have only just made it back... Well done for making it to a year! I am impressed and slightly jealous! Your posts always make me smile (especially the food related ones.) Ha ha.

    My favorite piece of jewelry is rings! Specifically the ring I got for Christmas this year. I am abit ring obsessed if I'm honest. *oopsy.*

    Haha but yeah, happy one year birthday Sophie-Jane!!
    Come & check out my new blog is you get a moment :)
    Megan x


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