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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fresh Mint Breakfast Ice Cream

Hello Lovelies,

If you read my blog regularly, you may know that I recently went to Dubai for a bit of sun, and after catching some rays and getting a little tan I returned to the Uk to grey skies and drizzle.  However I am not giving up on Spring, and am just willing those sunny days to come, but in the meantime I am experimenting with some Spring/Summer recipes.

My first is breakfast Ice Cream, something that feels like a treat but really needn't be.  It is made with fresh mint, which makes it really lovely and fresh tasting and is full of all sorts of goodness, so lets get cracking and give you the recipe. 


2   frozen bananas
3/4 almond/rice milk
2   large handfuls of frozen spinach
1/4 cup mint leaves
1   cup of Greek yogurt

I'm not however even really sure you can call this a recipe as it is so ridiculously easy, but here we go.

You really only need to throw all your ingredients in a food processor to blend, so it is super easy, no harder than making toast! 

(I do tend to break up my frozen banana as my food processor is rather old!)  

Once all the ingredients are blended it will be an almost soft scope consistency, I tend to eat it like this, as I am very impatient!  

However if you want more of an ice cream consistency then you need to pop it in an ice cream maker, as this freezes it quickly so large ice crystals don't form which makes it almost crunchy.  

Once you have spooned out your ice cream you can garnish with a sprig of fresh mint or your favourite berries, before you start enjoying the minty goodness.  

With this recipe you can be super naughty and eat ice cream for breakfast but be completely guilt free, my idea of heaven! 

Does anyone else like to experiment with breakfast, or are you strictly cereal and toast?



  1. This sounds really interesting! Might have to give this a go soon. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

  2. Looks good but I don't know if I'd like it!


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