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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Clarks Ali Katelina Black Platform Heels

Hello Lovelies,

I am a massive wedges girl, and only actually own one pair of court shoes, which are in a rather awkward camo green colour, so not great for the office!  As I am temping for a week next week I thought it was high time to get myself some sensible (but pretty) black heels that weren't going to leave my feet wailing at the end of the day.

I have to admit that I'm not a regular Clarks shopper, I don't think I've owned anything from there since my Cica trainers when I was 6!

But as the choice of shoe shops in my neck of the woods is so shocking I hadn't managed to find a simple pair of shoes that weren't wildly expensive for what they were (yes Russell & Bromleys I'm looking at you) so after much searching I stumbled into Clarks in a bit of a shopping funk, but after some half hearted looking I found these babies, they are the Ali Katelina Black Platform Heels and they are crazy comfy.  The shoes are black suede with a snake effect exposed platform and a 90mm high heel, with the crazy comfort coming from the "cushion soft" layers.  

Once I have wear them with something that isn't completely boring, I will give you a little outfit of the day.

I have definitely got over my Clarks snobbery and love my new heels.

Where do you like buying your heels from?


  1. Clarks it's always for old people haha. I love getting heels from Boohoo, they do Topshop copies for half the price.


  2. Haha, well these aren't my going out heels, but when your on your feet all day comfort comes first!!!!


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