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Thursday, 27 February 2014

SEVENTEEN Stay Pout Lipstick in Kiss Me, Quick || Review

Hello Lovelies,

I rocked up to work the other day and managed to leave my lunch, my phone and mega disaster my lipstick at home, so at lunch I had to nip down to boots and grab something to put on my lips.  As the boots near the office is about the size of my kitchen I didn't have much hope and thought I would probably end up leaving with a tinted lip balm but to my utter surprise I ended up buying a lipstick that has become a firm fave and one I would truly recommend.

I bought the SEVENTEEN Stay Pout Lipstick in Kiss Me, Quick an almost baby pink.  It is a colour I don't normally go for, but the blue undertones, are very flattering and make my teeth look pearly white, which is always a plus.  The lipsticks are really pigmented (especially for £4.99) and they feel really nice on my lips and are very hydrating.  A massive plus point is also that they stay on my lips really well, because of the stain in them even when the lipstick has started to wear the stain still keeps my lips looking lovely and pink.

what is your favourite high street lipstick?  

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Galaxy Nails || Guest Post

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have a guest post for you all from my lovely school friend Hattie who is a nail painting extraordinaire.  I can paint my nails one colour pretty well but nail art just isn't my thing, however this lovely lady knows her stuff.  So I sent her a message on the good old Facey B asking her if she could possibly write a snazzy nail art post, and that she did!  

During a quite period in the office today I had a look through my emails and realised she had already sent it over (a seriously speedy lady) so here it is, some beautiful Galaxy nails, I may just have to give it a try myself!!! 

Galaxy nail tutorial:

1. So first I painted my nails with a dark purple, but any dark colours that resemble the night sky will do. I used’ Revlon Parfumerie- Wild violets’. This is their scented range so leaves your nails smelling super tasty!

2. Next I used a sponge and dipped it in yellow polish. The yellow I used was ‘Seventeen, Quicker, Slicker, Colour- Lemon Tart.’ You need to make sure you dab the sponge onto a tissue/cotton pad before applying it to the nail so you get a very faded sponge affect line down your nail. This yellow is the base for the galaxy effect, every other colour will go around this yellow.

3. Dip the sponge into an orange polish. The orange I used was ’17 Lasting Fix- Orange Soda.’  When you apply this colour again dab off any excess polish and dab the colour either side of the yellow line.
4. Repeat this with red and dark blue. I used ‘Rimmel, Lasting Finish 030 Double Decker Red.’ Place the red over the orange again dabbing off excess polish. Apply the blue over all the colours including the yellow, making sure again you dab off any excess polish as you want the other colours to show through.

5. For the stars you need a dotting tool. You can get these from good nail brands online, or copy me and get a set of them on ebay! I bought a pack of brushes and dotting tools from ebay for about £4!! BARGAIN! You need to dip the tool into a white/baby pink. I used ‘Topshop Nail Polish- 201 Milkshake.’ When dabbing the dots on you need to spread the out and less is definitely more. With some of them I crossed though them/flicked them off slightly to the side to resemble shooting stars.

6. Finally you need to apply a glitter top coat. Any glitter nail polish will do. I used ‘Sinful Colours- 831 Hottie.’

There you have it a lovely set of Galaxy nails. Follow me on Instagram for more nail designs.

Hope you have all enjoyed Hattie's post and give it a try.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Choc Chip Cookies

Hello Lovelies,

Although I have no significant other, I am not a complete moany guts when it comes to Valentines Day, the romantic in me loves that there is a whole day dedicated to celebrating love, anyway enough of all the mushy stuff!

When it comes to things like Valentines Day and Easter I'm really bad at leaving things until the last minute so these cookies are fab to knock up for that special person in your life as a little Valentines treat. 

For this recipe you are going to need your favourite cookie recipie:

1 heaped desert spoon of Nutella

1 handful of Red M&M's

Once you have knocked up your cookie dough, you need to grab that jar of Nutella you have hidden in your cupboard and scoop a generous spoonful.

After your Nutella is all mixed in you want to grab your M&M's, if you live the other side of the pond then grab yourself a pack of Valentines M&M's but otherwise pick out all the red ones and pop them into the bowl with your cookie dough and give it a gentle mix.

After spooning your cookie dough onto the baking sheet, pop them in the oven for the usual amount of time that you bake your cookie mix.

Once done leave them on the tray to harden slightly before moving them to a cooling rack. 

Once your cookies are cool, put them in a pretty box and give them to that special person in your life. (if they are feeling generous they may even let you share!!!)

What is your last minute go to gift?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Clarks Ali Katelina Black Platform Heels

Hello Lovelies,

I am a massive wedges girl, and only actually own one pair of court shoes, which are in a rather awkward camo green colour, so not great for the office!  As I am temping for a week next week I thought it was high time to get myself some sensible (but pretty) black heels that weren't going to leave my feet wailing at the end of the day.

I have to admit that I'm not a regular Clarks shopper, I don't think I've owned anything from there since my Cica trainers when I was 6!

But as the choice of shoe shops in my neck of the woods is so shocking I hadn't managed to find a simple pair of shoes that weren't wildly expensive for what they were (yes Russell & Bromleys I'm looking at you) so after much searching I stumbled into Clarks in a bit of a shopping funk, but after some half hearted looking I found these babies, they are the Ali Katelina Black Platform Heels and they are crazy comfy.  The shoes are black suede with a snake effect exposed platform and a 90mm high heel, with the crazy comfort coming from the "cushion soft" layers.  

Once I have wear them with something that isn't completely boring, I will give you a little outfit of the day.

I have definitely got over my Clarks snobbery and love my new heels.

Where do you like buying your heels from?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Floods are Rising!!!!

Hello Lovelies,

First of all I want to say sorry for the lack of posts last week, blogging becomes pretty difficult without internet access (seriously infuriating) but hopefully it should be completely fixed by next week.

Internet problems aside we are having a few water issues in my neck of the woods, after having receded over the last week or so the floods suddenly started to rise again, what was first a little water turned into a mass of it over the last two days.  It has now covered all the water meadows and all of the park, so this afternoon we went flood exploring.  Sorry for the rather poor quality of the pictures but with two little step-brothers and sloshing through a giant mass of water I thought it safer not to take my snazzy camera.

Has anyone else had any trouble with the rising water in the UK?

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