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Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Years Resolution 2014 - Woman's Nike Flex Run 2013

Hello Lovelies,

Like the majority of people New Year arrived and I made some resolutions, the first was to be a "Yes Woman" but the second is to up my exercise, due to a knee injury and general illness my fitness levels have seriously dropped, so this year I want to combine my healthy eating with some good exercise.  

So last weekend I splashed out a little and bought myself some new trainers as a bit of motivation.  I have a fab pair of Saucony trainers to run in but wanted something to use indoors and for classes.  So after a hunt around I decided on the Nike Flex Run 2013.  I have really high arches which would be fab if I was a ballet dancer (that ended years ago) but as I am not it just means I tend to roll me feet and need extra support in my trainers so I don't wreck my knees.

The Nike Flex Run 2013 are a flexible, lightweight running shoe that are fab for those of us with high arches.  They have great ventilation to keep your feet nice and cool while your getting your sweat on (yucky thought I know) but best of all they come in lovely colours.  I was originally looking at the neon pink but after trying them on they were a tad bright so I went for the purple and coral instead, they are pretty funky and are fab motivation to get moving.  

Is anyone else upping their exercise this year?


  1. I love these! Definitely perfect for motivating you to get moving :)
    I'm also trying to be more active this year - though I don't need any new running shoes yet..

    Jess xo

  2. I like the new trainers! What kind of classes are you looking at? Sophie x

  3. I normally don't like running shoes, but these look really nice! And great post! I want to work out more in 2014 and this is inspiring. :-)

  4. These are so pretty. Just looking at them makes me want to work out!


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