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Monday, 23 December 2013

Having Fun with Wrapping

Hello Lovelies,

I don't know if I'm odd, but I love wrapping presents, nearly as much as buying them!  Every year I have a colour scheme and this your I chose brown paper with red accents.  I would have loved to have used really think glossy beautiful ribbon but my budget didn't stretch that far, so replacing the thick ribbon was Christmas tape and thin lengths of ribbon.

I bought my paper and buttons on amazon and my various tapes from Paperchase, you can't beat Paperchase for cute little wrapping accessories.  I love the little stick on tartan and felt stars with little buttons in the middle as well as the various tapes, you ban make a prezzie look pretty snazzy without actually doing that much, which is always a plus if you are strapped for time, which most of us are during the run up to Christmas.     

My Mummy and Grandma both had a collection of small things this year so I popped over to Not On The High Street £7 and got these gorgeous personalised canvas gift bags with a lovely Christmas print pocket.

So all the prezzies are wrapped and under the tree, just a few last minute homemade gifts to pass out tomorrow to friends and lovely people who make me a happy a camper. 

Do you love wrapping, or is it just me?


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