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Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Tree Decorating

Hello Lovelies,

Getting and decorating the tree with my family is one of my favourite parts of Christmas.  So on Sunday we all bundled into two cars and drove to choose the perfect tree. 

My step-brothers are both much younger than my brother and I, so they keep the Christmas magic alive which is fun, I didn't think I would still be having in depth chats about Father Christmas and how the garden center ones obviously aren't real as the real Father Christmas is far to busy this time of year making toys (what a cutie!)

After picking the perfect tree, it's a precise science do you know, as you need the perfect height and nice and full, we don't like short or scrawny trees.

After finding the perfect tree, the smallest of the family helped the Christmas tree man wrap it (I was only a tiny bit jealous).  After driving it home and plonking it in its base and giving it something to drink, we all went out on a mammoth Christmas shopping spree in the pouring rain, it really wasn't fun. 

When we finally got home we dried off and got into some dry warm clothes, then after a hot drink and a gluten free crumpet we got cracking on the decorating, with my little step-brother taking artistic licence.  

Everyone else seemed to disappear off to do various other Christmassy things so we were left finishing the tree, and I think we did a rather snazzy job.  It was covered in twinkle lights (as I called them when I was little), gold, silver and red baubles and sparkly silver pears, could you get a better combo!  

It is now the countdown to Christmas and things are getting all exciting, the house is all decorated, cards have been written and Christmas snacks are being made. 

What is your favourite Christmas activity?

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  1. Aww that's sweet. I also really love decorating for Christmas. But my favorite activity has to be getting together with my family (my parents, my sister and our boyfriends) in the afternoon of the 24th and making pierogi, a Polish dish which we make every year for Christmas. I love the whole process of making them with the fam and of course enjoying them in the evening :)


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