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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Splash of Colour Weekend Fun

Hello Lovelies,

Last weekend I met up with an old friend of mine from school for a bit of a catch up, instead of doing the normal tea and cake or bite of lunch we decided to go to the Splash of Colour Cafe and let our artistic juices flow!

Harriet decided to freehand her design while I took a rather more juvenile approach (even though I studied art). 

All around the shop there were examples of various plates, mugs and platters that could be painted, I loved the large cake plate with hearts and names of different cake all over it.

 As I wanted to make something for my two year old goddaughter I wanted it to be simple and colourful so I opted for ducks in two different colours, a sunny yellow and a bright orange.

After a lot of nattering and girly chat we finally finished painting our ceramics and pootled home for a quesadilla for lunch. 

the finished product

I thoroughly recommend Splash of Colour or anywhere similar, it was great fun to do something arty (even if we were the only people in there painting over the age of eight) rather than just drinking tea!  It would be fab to do with younger siblings or cousins as a little activity especially as the weather is starting to turn rather grim.

Has anyone else been to somewhere like Splash of Colour?

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