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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Honeymania : Body Butter

Hello Lovelies,

I used to have a ton of 'The Body Shop' products when I was younger, and their body butters were my favourite, but as I got older and found new products they were forgotten and relegated to the back of the bathroom cabinet.  

However when I opened my Glamour magazine this month and found a £3 voucher to The Body Shop I decided to grab myself a body butter.  So after having my hair cut I pootled down the road and popped in to grab one, after having a good smell to reacquaint myself I settled on Honeymania. 

The top note of Honeymania is a floral, wildflower scent and the bottom note is honey, not the super saccharine sweet stuff you stir into your porridge in the morning, it is more of a grown up scent, which is lovely on the skin.

If you own or have previously owned a body butter then you will know how luxuriously smooth and buttery the consistency is.  This lovely stuff melts into your skin and leaves you all silky smooth without a greasy/oily film being left.  Honey is fab for your skin, it is known for its antibacterial properties and is great for softening and soothing skin.  Each pot of Honeymania is made with Community Fair Trade honey, which is one of the things I really appreciate now I'm older.

I have to say I love this stuff, I have only used it once but I can see myself going out to buy another pot when this runs out.   

Are you a body butter fan?


  1. I absolutely love their body butters but haven't tried this one :) x

  2. I find that the consistency of The Body Shop body butters tends to vary from scent to scent. The mango one is super soft and smooth but the strawberry one seems thicker. I'd quite like to try this one out and see if it smells different from the Honeymania perfume.


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