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Friday, 15 November 2013

Chicken Soup || Recipe

Hello Lovelies,

I was feeling a bit poorly yesterday and needed a bit of tlc, so I knocked up a quick batch of chicken soup.  When I was little and my brother and I were sick we would curl up on the sofa bed in our playroom with a snugly quilt and watch videos like Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while Mummy bought us hot Ribena, these days when I'm under the weather my day is filled with my guilty pleasure TV shows (hello Kardashians!) and chicken soup with copious amounts of tea.  

This soup is super yummy and fab for those chilly days.


Knob of butter

2 onions
3 sticks of celery
2 carrots finely diced
1 tbsp plain flour 
2 pints chicken stock
2 chicken breasts 
1 tbsp of freshly chopped parsley 

First you need to dice your veg then throw it in a casserole dish with your butter on a medium heat until it all starts to soften.  While the veg is softening you can sort out your chicken, I cut the two breasts into large chunks so it cooks quickly. 

Next stir your flour into your veg and cook for a further 2 mins. Pour your chicken stock over your veg and bring the mixture to the boil, stirring as you do so.

Season the soup to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper, then pop in the oven until the veg is tender.  

After the chicken is cooked, chop it up into small pieces and let it join your veg in soupy heaven.  I normally give it another 30 mins in the oven at 160 C then take it out.

After you have ladled your soup into your bowl add a bit of fresh parsley, to give it a little bite.

Then it is time to enjoy, make sure you have your snuggliest socks and jumper on then revel in its soupy goodness.  

What is your favourite Winter soup?


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