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Monday, 21 October 2013

Cherry Me Maybelline Baby Lips || Review

Hello Lovelies,

I already have Pink Punch (review here) and use it quite regularly so when I spotted Cherry Me in Superdrug I thought I would add it to my lip balm collection.  Cherry Me is a sheer pink/rosey red tinted lip balm.  It coats your lips nicely with one swipe and leaves them looking very plump by diffusing all the little lines.

I wouldn't say this balm hydrates my lips like others I have, its a bit like Vaseline it protects them while it is on as it forms a barrier, but it won't sort out your chapped lips.  They do however do an 'Intense Care' and 'Hydrate' but I have yet to try them so can't comment on their moisturising ability.

I really like this balm as I love the berry colour of the tint, it is fab to keep in my bag as an alternative to lipstick.


  1. Do you prefer Pink Punch or Cherry Me? I don't know whether to get one of those or a hydrating one! Pretty colours or hydration? Such a tough decision! :) xxx

    1. Definitely Cherry Me, but I wouldn't go for the colours if you want hydration. xxx

  2. Looks really nice. I'm always tempted to get one of these but then I remember that I already have loads of lip balms to get through!


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