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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

BEE HAPPY || Birthday Giveaway

Hello Lovelies,

Today is my birthday, and to thank you all for being so wonderful and reading my little bit of the web I thought I would do a little giveaway.  I have been wearing this lovely bee necklace by Lily Charmed everyday and love how cute and dainty it is, so as a prezzie for one of you I thought I would give away a brand spanking new bee charm, that you can either hang around your neck or put on a charm bracelet.

To enter all you need to do is follow my blog and leave a comment below telling me how you celebrated/or are planning to celebrate your birthday this year. 

This giveaway will be open for a week, ending on Wednesday 23rd October.

The lovely Stevie Hearts Makeup is the winner of the Bee Happy giveaway.


  1. I just went out with my friends for a meal this year as I did something bigger the year before :) happy birthday! hope you have a lovely day! x

  2. Gorgeous giveaway!!! I was on holiday and the hotel done our table up really cringey with flowers and napkins as swans... everyone thought me & boyfriend were getting engaged... awkward!!!!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. aww happy birthday :) I didn't really do anything boyfriend and I went to my parents' place for dinner. It was a really nice evening in with my favorite people :)

  4. Happy Birthday to you!!!! I am following you via GFC and I will celebrate my birthday in November and really am not 100% sure what I am doing as of yet..... but we always manage to make the occasion special. Definitely will eat delicious food, maybe catch a movie (Cathching Fire comes out shortly after :) and .... well.... do something during the day with my daughter.... i love bowling! Not 100% sure, but I will enjoy it no matter what!

  5. Happy birthday!! :)
    This year I went to see Sleeping Beauty on Ice for something a bit different and it was really good!
    The show was full of amazing ice skaters, I loved it :)

    Amy x

    PS. I have a wee contest detailed on my blog too if you want to enter :)

  6. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!
    This year I am turning 18 so I want to do something particularly fun to celebrate. I think I might have a crazy photo-shoot with friends and then all make dinner together!

  7. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!!
    My birthday is in nex June so quites far away but I'm planning something simple, just hang around with my best friends. Since I'm away from home for uni I don't get to see tham as much :(

  8. We have the same name;) happy birthday I hope you had a lovely day x
    The bee charm is so adorable I love it!
    Soon I'm going to be 17 and I really want to have a driving lesson on my birthday so I will more than likely spend it warning every single person not to go out in the car that day:') but other than that I will just have a few friends over for a meal x

  9. Happy BIrthday!!

    My birthday is on New Years Eve, I want to be spending it with my Boyf, as we are Long-distance and it will be lovely to spend it together this year :). Hopefully, going for a meal or something, but not to fireworks - I pretty much know I can't escape that though!

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    I am following as Helen :) (Candifloss) on GFC

  10. Happy birthday!

    Me and my mom will be celebrating her 2nd year clean of cancer next week. We are going out for a meal and to explore our city's music scene. I'm very excited!

    Following on GFC

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This year I will be 21 but will enjoy it with a nice calm day with my husband and baby!

  12. Happy belated Birthday Sprinkle of Glitter sent me here, and I'm delighted to find your blog. Following now!

  13. Did you pick a winner?! Can't wait to find out who it is!!

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