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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tea for Two

Hello Lovelies,

A couple of days ago I met up with an old school friend to reminisce about school and catch up with what's been going on recently, she has to be the best baker I know and holds the most amazing tea parties, so Starbucks just wasn't going to cut it.  Instead we wandered to this lovely little place called The Yard, it's a lovely kitsch tearoom and gallery just perfect for having a leisurely catch up.   

We decided to sit outside as it was still lovely and sunny, we both sipped on tea I had a pot of decaf and A a pot of Earl Grey, it came in lovely mismatched china covered in various floral designs, we were very good and managed to say no to the yummy cakes on the little counter.  

Tiny teacups hung from a tree which was a rather sweet touch.  Then next to us was a brick shed that had been painted bright pink filled with a table a pew and various mismatched chairs and cushions, a red chandelier hung above the table, lots of different picture adorned the walls and a slightly out of place sledge was propped up in the corner.

In the little courtyard there were three different tables all painted different colours, the black cat very much enjoyed laying on the bench in the sun.  

Do you have a favourite place to go for tea?

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  1. It looks lovely there! The teacups on the trees is so cute!! :)


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