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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Scrummy Roasted Red Peppers

Hello Lovelies,

For the last month all the recipes on my blog have been rather naughty, full of cheeky treats that aren't good for the old waistline!  So I am making a concerted effort to make my foodie posts a tad more healthy, to kick start it all I thought I would start with some scrummy roasted red peppers.  

I love roasted veg and peppers are definitely my favourite, so what better than a load of roasted red peppers to munch on. 

It is such an easy peasy thing to do, and they taste sooooo much better than the ones you can purchase in a supermarket, so it is definetly worth the little bit of effort and time.
The first thing to do is grab yourself some peppers, I normally buy mine from the market as they tend to be a lot cheaper than supermarkets.  Once you have cut your peppers in half deseed them and place down on a foil covered tray. 

You don't need to add anything to them, just pop them in the oven at 170 C for 25 mins. 


When your peppers are done pop them in a bowl and cover them with foil until they are cold, then take them out, peel of the skin (it should come off pretty easily), once you have pealed the skin off place them in a pyrex bowl with a lid, if you are going to use them straight away you can just pop them in by themselves but if you want them to keep then and a little oil and pop in the fridge, after doing this they should last about two weeks, so you can add them to any of your meals.

How scrummy do these babies look!

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