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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Salisbury Food and Drink Festival

Hello Lovelies,

Sunday was a serious day of food (I'm not complaining), we went to a food and drink festival in Salisbury. 

We started of the afternoon with a massive taco, from a street food company called Tacada, they said it was 'Dude food' and they weren't wrong it was the biggest I have ever seen.  I had pulled pork and copious amounts of salad in a yummy south american style wrap, heaven in a Styrofoam box!  There was a super hot chilli but as I am a serious baby when it comes to hot food I gave that a miss.

After filing up on jumbo tacos we took a wander around the other stalls, passing things like Mr Retrocool's ice cream truck full of all the old favourites.

Our next port of call was this lovely stall selling all these gorgeous Ghanaian baskets.  After browsing and picking up everyone, we walked away with this pink and orange beauty, we were the envy of every shopper there for the rest of the afternoon.

Next was the cheese stall that was selling seriously epic blueberry cheesecake which my brother snaffled down.  Cheesecake aside there were some yummy cheeses to try, my favourite was the buffalo cheese, I am mozzarella obsessed but had never tried a hard buffalo cheese, it was seriously scrummy stuff.

The coffee stall was calling us with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans so we wandered towards it in search of some rich dark coffee for my father and some scrummy Green Gunpowder Tea for moi.  

There was one last sneaky treat to add to the days purchases.  I love fudge and this stuff is amazing, there were so many to choose from and so many yummy ones, but I was rather boring and went for the old trusty vanilla.

After our rather gluttonous afternoon we wandered home with a basket full of various yummy food that just couldn't be resisted.


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  1. Looks like it was a great day out! Love all the mouth watering pictures!


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