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Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Favourite Healthy Snacks

Hello Lovelies,

Due to all my last food posts being rather sugar orientated, I thought I ought to break the cycle and pop up some of my favourite healthy snacks.  Everyone has those moments when they feel peckish and a lot of us reach for something on the lesser side of healthy (me included) so I thought I would give you a few ideas of some rather scrumptious snacks I munch on when I'm being good! 

Gluten Free Bannana and Peanut Butter Pancakes

This is a firm fave if I have time, it's not really a grab and go snack, but it's so scrummy that I had to included it.  It only includes three ingredients and is also gluten free.


2 bananas 
2 eggs 
2 spoonfuls of peanut butter

To make 1-2 servings you will first need to mash the bananas until they are nice and smooth.

Once you have finished with your bananas, beat your eggs then grab your mixing bowl of bananas and add the eggs and peanut butter then whisk the ingredients together until they form a smooth batter.  The batter will look watery but do not fret !

Next you need to heat a pan, once it is hot enough poor about two tablespoons of batter onto the pan for each pancake, it is easier to keep them small as they are rather delicate.

Cook your pancakes for a few minutes before turning, you will know they are ready to flip when the edges start to firm and bubbles appear in the center, just like a normal pancake.

Serve your pancakes piping hot with your favourite topping, butter, syrup or honey.

This amount of batter usually makes 8-9 pancakes so you can enjoy these babies with friends or families.

Rice Cake, Peanut Butter and Banana 

 This is a really speedy snack to make and eat!  I love rice cakes but am really picky, I really dislike the thick ones that have the texture of polyester, but you can get these really yummy ones made by 'rude health' which are called 'rice thins' they are thin and crunchy and perfect for topping.

For this snack I coat the rice cake in a little peanut butter then slice half a banana over the top.  It gives you a little boost from the natural sugar, the peanut butter is rich in energy and contains nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. 

Goats Milk Yogurt, Strawberries and Honey

This little pot of joy is super scrumptious, cows milk doesn't agree with me, but I am a serious fan of goats milk and yogurt, this one by St Helen's Farm is my favourite.  For a snack I put two tablespoons in a ramekin then add three sliced strawberries and a dash of runny honey.

Frozen Grapes

My last snack for you today is frozen grapes, these are super easy to do easy to munch on the go.  I usually put them in a freezer bag, pop them in the freezer for a while then pull them out as and when I want them. 

 What is your favourite healthy snack?


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