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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Prairie Charms Blog Series // My Jewellery

Hello Lovelies,

This blog series is brought to you by the UK based handmade jewellery and accessories company Prairie Charms, they are kindly offering all my lovely readers 35% off by entering 'JEWELS35' at the checkout. 

1) Describe your jewellery style in three words.

Classic, Simple and feminine

2) What was the first bit of jewellery you ever purchased, (if you purchased it yourself why did it stand out to you?)

 The first piece of jewellery I ever purchased for myself was this sterling silver bracelet from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, I bought it in Spain when I was about twelve along with some matching studs which have long since been lost, probably down a plug hole!  I went through a stage of loving her jewellery when I was younger, we have a house in Spain so it's a place I visit frequently and while at boarding school I had a lot of Spanish friends who always had stationary and jewellery from the quirky brand.  I can't really remember exactly what I liked about it when I bought it, but now I love how dainty it is, it's actually a child's bracelet so isn't as loose as it once was but I still wear it along with a collection of other bangles.


3) What is your most meaningful piece of jewellery?

I would have to say my most meaningful piece of jewellery is a russian wedding ring that I wear on my little finger instead of a signet ring, it's really special because my mother has one and she had mine made for me.  

4) What is your jewellery style or do you own an eclectic mix?

I love stacking bracelets, I have four that I never take off, then bangles and bracelets that I add on top every morning.  I am pretty samey with my necklaces and rings I wear the same necklace everyday and switch between gold or silver rings, I would have to say I am definitely most adventurous with my bracelets adding a splash of colour to my favourite silver bangles.

5) What is your favourite type of jewellery? (Rings, necklaces, bracelet, earrings, or something else?) and is there a type of jewellery that you've never got on with?)

This is a hard one, I would probably have to say rings, I love having pretty things on my fingers, but bracelets are seriously close I love that you can mix and match.  I would have to say earrings are the one piece of jewellery I don't really love, I only own three pairs, some sterling silver hearts with little diamonds in the center, some large pearls and some small gold hoops.

6) Who's jewellery bow would you love to raid?

This isn't so much a persons jewellery box, but I loved the jewellery from Downton Abbey so I would love to raid a jewellery box from the the 1920's.

7) Silver or gold? Are you somebody that despises the other or will you settle for a wide variety of colours?

I personally love both, I definetly have more silver jewellery as I have received lots from friends over the years, but as much as I love my everyday silver bangles and necklaces hand me a piece of gold jewellery and I am a very happy bunny.

8) How do you store your jewellery?  Do you put it in a jewellery box or have it displayed for the world to see?

I keep all my jewellery in the boxes they came in, on my dressing table it's not very glamorous but does keep them safe, a lovely jewellery box is on my wish list though!

9) Do you own any heirloom jewellery?  If so, what is it and from whom?

Yes I do, my favourite of all of the pieces are a gold necklace and a diamond ring, from my Grandmother.

10) Who are your favourite jewellery brands and which piece of jewellery are you looking to add to your collection next?

It depends on what I am looking for, I love Cruciani and Mae Movement for something fun and colourful, but I also love finding silver bangles and bracelets in antiques arcades as you know every Tom, Dick and Harry aren't going to own the same thing!  When it comes to jewellery brands I own a few Pandora rings which I love as they were all presents from family and friends but the piece of jewellery I am lusting after at the moment is a wishbone necklace by Katie Mullaly, I love wishbone jewellery, I have one on a necklace with lots of charms but this one is giant and it needs to be in my life!


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