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Friday, 2 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch // Review

Hello Lovelies,

I have had this tinted lip balm knocking about my handbag for a while now and just haven't got around to reviewing it.  Maybelline Baby Lips balm in Pink Punch (£2.99) is supposed to be a tinted lip balm with 8 hour hydration.  These balms aren't heavily pigmented like the Revlon lip butters, they instead are a balm with a sheer colour, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss being the most pigmented of the bunch.  Pink Punch is a cool toned almost bubblegum pink but when applied to my lips it takes on a much more pastel tone.

I personally like the texture of this balm, it is quite thin and just glides over my lips without that greasy feeling that some balms give, however I have heard mixed reviews as some people feel they just sat on their lips without hydrating them.  I don't think it lives up to its 8 hour hydration, I would say 3-4 is pretty accurate as after that I feel the need to reapply.   

 I don't think these lip balms are revolutionary, and I can definitely think of lip balms that I would probably purchase over this, however I like the packaging, the fact that it is tinted and most of all that it contains SPF 20.  They are a nice addition to the high street beauty aisle and for £2.99 they are a bit of a steal.  


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