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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fresh Mint Tea

Hello Lovelies,

One of my favourite drinks has to be Fresh Mint Tea, I am a lover of  all thinks mint and you just can't beat mint tea.  Now do not confuse this scrummy drink with the regular (bagged) peppermint tea as this kind of tea is usually filled with dried peppermint leaves and gives a very different taste.

It is super easy to make and yummy hot or cold, it is simply made with FRESH mint leaves and boiling water.
You can either buy your mint in bunches from your local fruit/veg market or supermarkets sell it in bunches or packets, or if you have a garden like my fathers go and pick it from the garden.
Now depending on how 'minty' you like your tea, grab a bunch of mint branches and give them a quick rinse under the tap then pop them into a tall glass, it is so pretty once the water is added that you need to be able to see it! 

Next you need to boil your water and pour it over your mint and WAIT! 2-3 minutes is your approx stewing time, I like to leave the leaves in the glass as it continues to draw out the flavour and goodness of the mint leaves, and it doesn't bother me. 

As well as the yummy taste of this drink it also has fab health benefits.  It is a great digestive aid that helps to relieve tension, bloating and other such things, plus it is also a mild muscle relaxant so it is a great drink to consume just before bed or if you are a little tense or stressed, basically it is FAB!  

Does anyone else drink fresh mint tea too 
or perhaps you haven't given it
a whirl yet?



  1. Hii, this is a great idea, I'm a big green tea drinker of all flavours but the minty ones are my favourite especially peppermint and licorice is my all time fav, it sounds like a weird combo but the 'pukka' brand tea just have it spot on!
    Anyway thanks for the idea, new follower :)

    Beyond Bally.

  2. My favorite drink especially in summer with some lime, honey and ice cubes. So happy I stumbled across your blog!



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