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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Afternoon of Golf and other Adventures

Hello Lovelies,

Salisbury Golf Centre is this tiny golf club that we go to now and then as a family to have more of a pitch and putt than a game as out of all of us my brother is the best player as he used to go out after prep at prep school and play their 9 hole golf course with his friends. But considering when we played this time he managed to hit his ball from the 8th hole over to the parallel 7th we must all be pretty shocking!!!   

Forgetting all of the bad shots and the embarrassing amount of strokes for a 3 par hole (we won't go into how many!) it was a pretty good afternoon, sometimes it's just really lovely to spend time with all of your family doing something fun, even if you are all a bit rubbish! 

On Tuesday my mother, brother and I went on a walk, I am a country girl at heart but as all my garb basically my Hunters are at my fathers (probably being chewed by the dogs) so I had to throw on a pair of trainers.  Even though the weather was fab walking through grass fields and down paths lined with stinging nettles is no fun in shorts and trainers.  The Devenish Reserve has lovely walks but OMG the steps are a killer!      

This picture was snapped about halfway up and as you can probably see they go on forever, but once you get to the top it is lovely,  massive woodland which you can basically just explore or if you would rather then just stick to the paths. 

As we walked through the woods we kept stumbling across these little dens made by children on school nature trips, littered among them were little clay animals like the hedgehog on top of the steps sign.  Once you have tired of the woods, having scoffed a load of blackberries you can walk through the meadows which have a beautiful view of the surrounding villages and fields.

These have been my two little excursions recently, not massively exciting but it was all good clean family fun!  



  1. Wow, those are some steps! You are right though the view does totally look worth the climb!


    1. They were pretty ridiculous, but defo worth it. x

  2. I've never played golf, I think i'll have to give it a go, looks like fun!

    I've recently started my own lifestyle blog, please check it out on...

    Thanks x

    1. It is so fun, we are all rubbish but just muddle our way around!


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