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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wild Swimming

Hello Lovelies,

We have been so called Wild Swimming for years, but in the last few years, there has been a book, a TV program, apps and audio books so it has subsequently become very popular, and little sanctuaries have now become busy hives.

 Today we went to Figheldean which is on the Avon, it is a 20m x 60m medium pool - it is chalk shingles in the shallows and there is a (2'3m) small weir into which you can jump.  The water is pretty icy cold but once you immerse yourself and bite the bullet, it is very refreshing on a hot day like today.  It has a small bank so if you get there earlier enough or your just lucky then you can set up a picnic and do a bit of sun bathing after you have been for a dip.  

Has anyone else been wild swimming?

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  1. I bet this was so refreshing with the weekends weather!!!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. It was, the weather was crazy at the weekend. x


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