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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Juicing Joy // Carrot, Spinach, Nectarine and Rasberry

Hello Lovelies,
As a lot of you will know I have a bit of a thing for juicing, recently I have been loving green juices (although this recipe isn't for green juice).  Green juices are a fab way of getting your recommended servings of fruit and veg, so if your like me and find it hard fitting copious amounts of kale, broccoli and cucumber into your diet then green juices are a fab way of doing so.  Green juices are preferable to juiced fruits as without the fiber fruit juice is basically sugar, so when making green juice you want to avoid mixing vegetables and fruits, the only exception to this rule is an apple as unlike the majority of fruits that require different enzymes to digest apples have a more neutral effect.   

This juice is a naughty summer treat and breaks juicing 101, but I like to live on the wild side!!!!  For this juice (I know it is not a pretty colour) you need one nectarine sliced, one small carrot chopped, one handful of raspberries and a massive handful of spinach the cover half of the lovely fruit and veg with water and blitz in your blender.

For those who don't have a juicer, do not fret it is still possible to create a beautiful clear juice by running the blitzed healthiness through a jelly strainer bag.  You can get them in most kitchen shops and they are pretty cheap, once you have poured it into the bag you can then squeeze the juice into a bowl and pour it into your cup of choice adding a pretty straw.

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