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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pretty Pictures of the Week #4

Hey Lovelies,
This weeks pics are all rather colourful just like the week has been, full of seeing friends and family and doing a little plotting!

  • I love having a morning smoothie, it's a great healthy start to the day and is yummy to,
  • I have a fascination with pastel polish at the moment and have been rocking Pistachio by Mavala's soft green nail polish on my fingers this week,
  • My family were on a little whistle stop tour to various places and popped in to see us, my Auntie came  bearing a gift which came in the form of this beautiful fruit cake (she is a pretty amazing lady),
  • My mother got given some flowers at work and I thought they looked rather pretty sat in the dark,
  • The last picture is a friendship bracelet I have had on my wrist for a year, I bought it in Spain when I went away with Uni friends (we all had matching ones) but today it snapped, sad times! 
I hope you have all had a lovely week. x 
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