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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Garnier B.B Cream Miracle Skin Perfector // Review

Hello Lovelies,

I for some reason was a bit dubious of the whole BB Cream and never got on the band wagon, but when Spring eventually rolled around, my face saw the sun and my tinted moisturiser needed to change so I thought I would give Garnier B.B Cream Miracle Skin Protect  (£9.99) it is a daily all in one B.B Cream that claims to even tone and boost glow,blur imperfections, smooth fine lines, give 24hr hydration and has an SPF 15 UV protection.  

What I Think

  • Coverage: I was really surprised by the fab coverage of this product, it is a light coverage and you would definitely need to teem it with a good concealer for any problem areas.
  • Consistency: It definitely has a thick consistency when squeezed out of the tube, but I apply it with my real techniques expert face brush which gives it a nice even finish and it definitely doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
  • Colour: I have only seen this product in light and medium, medium is perfect for my summer skin, but darker skin may have problems with colour matching.  
  • Wear Time: I would say this product has a pretty good wear time, probably about 6-8 hours on my skin but I do set it with powder and use concealer on any problem areas.

This product is lovely and light and has that light almost floral smell that all Garnier products seem to have, some dislike it but I find once it is on my skin and I have put some powder on I can't really smell it.  I love that it isn't heavy like a foundation, but gives my skin a light coverage and shows all my summer freckles, its definitely a summer essential.

Medium shade

Has anyone else tried this product, or any other B.B creams?

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  1. Oooh I've been looking for a lovely new BB cream!
    I only used one maybelline BB before but it oxidised on my skin :(

    I might give this one a go! xoxo

    1. I keep seeing the maybelline one but I have to say I really do like the Garnier one. x

  2. Great review! I'm a BB convert after trying the maybelline one, I'll have to give this a go :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

    1. Is the Maybelline one good, I have always been dubious for some reason. x


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