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Monday, 27 May 2013

Memory Box

Anyone who knows me knows I love keeping mementos of occasions, and am awful when it comes to getting rid of lovely cards from my nearest and dearest so it will be no shock to anyone that one of my favourite things is my memory box  At the moment it is an awful plastic tub, but its whats on the inside that counts!

I thought I would give you a little peek into my collection of memories.  The rather ghastly box is filled with photo books from friends, cards, odd photos, conformation bits and pieces and my birthday book from my 21st to name but a few of my little treasures.

I pulled out some of my favourite things to show you, the big book covered in flowers and watering cans was passed around at my 21st, it is full of messages from friends and family and is a lovely reminder of what a special day it was.  The photograph is a picture of a mini me in the caves of Nerja, we used to visit there a lot when I was little.  The red and blue badge was my head of house badge when I was at school, I was one of those people who loved school, but I went to a pretty amazing one, and living with your friends can only be fun.  The strange square card with a ceramic tile in the middle was a birthday card from a school friend, it's a test tile for ceramics, we had to make them as part of our A-level art and she made a card out of a spare one. 

The necklace was part of my 21st Birthday present from my Grandma its a Swarovski crystal ring on a sterling silver chain, I don't wear it but it means a lot to me.  The Christmas cards are my two favourite from last year, the green one was from my mother and the other was a lino cut done by my Auntie, she is super talented.  There is also a little ceramic pendant that a friend made me one weekend at school.  A thank you card that my cousin gave me when I was her bridesmaid, I think i was about 14.  Then last but by no means least is letters and cards, I love receiving post, it was the highlight of the school day when i was little and now its just rare to receive post as the age of the email has taken over, so those special letters from friends and family I like to keep.  Does anyone else have a memory box?
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  1. Really enjoyed reading this!! I have a hard time getting rid of stuff as well!! Wish I had a memory box as well, it's such a great idea! :)

    Christina xx

  2. So glad i'm not just some crazy lady! x

  3. I'm exactly the same with keeping little treasures :) I used to keep mine in an old UGG box but TK Maxx sell these boxes which are decorated beautifully and they have ones shaped like treasure chests too! I got Mia one to keep all her newborn trinkets in like her hospital band, birth certificate, first outfit etc.


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