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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mae Movement

Mae Movement  sell these gorgeous Napalese bracelets at $13.00 each or $36.00 for a set of six, each one of these beautiful bracelets is hand crocheted by a women in the Katmandu Valley in Nepal, each one takes up to an hour to produce and they come in a range of beautiful colours.  The bracelets are both a cultural craft and means the women are able to continue to stay at home and work alongside family and friends.  Mae Movement give the women a fair wage when they purchase the bracelets so they are able to lead a better quality of life and are not vulnerable to enslavement and human trafficking which is sadly rife, the statistics are awful, Mae Movements website states that 'every year between 10,000-15,000 girls are tricked into slavery, either as domestic, factory or sex purchasing a Napalese Mae Movement Bracelet you can help these women and children create a better life than one plagued by this tragedy'.  

I was so happy to support this cause, two things rolled into one supporting disadvantaged women and getting some new arm candy both things I LOVE, as well as the price being reasonable the shipping at $6.00 is also really good for the USA.  Mae Movements bracelets will definitely be adorning my wrists for the Spring and Summer with their beautiful colours they are great to stack together or with other bracelets.

 Mae Movement blog's is also lovely you should have a look at it, its full of inspirational posts, healthy recipes and all around goodness. S.x


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