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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

JE T'AIME Bourjois

I have never used Bourjois' famous blusher before but when I saw this commemorative blush for their 150th anniversary I couldn't resist.  Bourjois re-launched four of their very first shades:

Velouté de Peche (from 1924)
Rose Thé (from 1939)
Rose Mandarine (from 1968)
Rose Pompon (from 1988)

And three of their most popular shades in limited edition anniversary cases, the one I picked up was Rose d'Or or Golden Rose (£7.49).  The packing of these products is lovely and and feels substantial especially for the price you pay, I love the magnetic snap closing as the clasps always seem to break on blushes and compacts, the only thing I was slightly disappointed about was that the gorgeous 30's inspired illustration was a sticker rather than printed.

JE T'AIME Golden Rose blush

Once I had opened it all up I had a bit of a child on Christmas morning moment, and instead of using my blush brush I gave it a whirl with the brush in there but OMG I looked like a clown!  The next day I thought I would give it another go but this time with a proper blush brush that didn't hold half the powder!

Open blush

Swatch of Golden Rose

Once I had dicarded the awful brush and applied it properly I got a lovely pinky glow that reminded me so much of my Nars 'Super Orgasm' maybe a little less glitter but the JE T'AIME had that same shimmer and pink glow that makes me apply 'Super Orgasm' everyday.  It's defiantly a keeper and I was impressed with its staying power, for a bit of a high street beauty virgin I was very impressed. S.x 

Nars Super Orgasm


  1. These look so pretty i do Boujours products and alot cheaper than Nars

    Carrieanne x

    1. I know Nars is so expensive, it's crazy. X


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