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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Letter Necklaces

I really love letter jewellrey, and after having a little root through my jewellrey box I found this perspex S from Anna Lou of London, I haven't worn it in about five years, I think the last time I wore it I was at school , I had a friend at school called Scarlet who also had one, we were jewellrey twins!  It's not something I would probably wear now as I prefer more sophisticated simplistic jewellrey but I used to love this necklace as you can probably see because all the paint has chipped off the chain.  I couldn't seem to find it on the Anna Lou website but I do know they are selling a variation of it on if you are interested. 

At the moment this is the necklace I wear everyday, it's a Tiffany Heart I was given as a present from my father, a wishbone charm from Links of London from a family friend, and the the flower heart was from a collection of friends for my 21st. I bought the S for myself with my first paycheck in my Gap year.  I love the little collection of charms and I really like the fact that they all have such significant meanings, the necklace means so much to me.  

I really do want to find some more letter jewellrey so if anyone has any suggestions, please give me a shout. S.x 

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