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Monday, 6 May 2013

After Enjoying a Day of Sun

Everyone loves the sun, it lifts our spirits and makes us feel chirpy, but we do need to protect ourselves from its nasty rays, now I'm not going to sit here and preach or insult your intelligence and tell you to apply sun cream, I am however going to tell you my little sun ritual, I have fair skin and burn when I look at the sun so I have to be extra careful when we have a super sunny day like today, but however fair my skin is we all know that a tanned pair of pins in a summer dress look better than two pasty legs so out into the garden I went IPod, sun cream and sunnies to try and at least get a little colour.

After a day of relaxing in the sun and applying copious amounts of cream I thought I would fill you lovelies in on my Summer sun tips, the first is to keep hydrated, I am the first to hold my hands up and say I don't drink enough, but it is even more important in hot weather, the second is a specialised facial sun cream like Lancaster SPF 30, I find putting body sun cream on my face makes my skin break out, not a good look so this stuff is a life saver! The last thing is after care I always moisturise that evening, and everyday with a Vitamin E enriched moisturiser I swear by Cocoa Butter £4.85 at Boot's and am currently using the 'Firming Butter' (who doesn't have somewhere they wish was firmer!). Now the last thing I use on the rare occasions I may catch the sun or burn (I am not advocating sitting in the sun until you are a crisp!!!!) it works miracles soothes the skin and stops peeling, Eight Hour cream £25.00 is one of those things I couldn't live without, on that rather dramatic note, I hope everyone had a wonderful day and didn't fry themselves! S.x


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