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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Week in Pretty Pictures

The last week has been a lovely week full of exciting little projects, a little trip and some beauty goodness.

#1 Pink and White Geraniums ready for planting,
#2 Healthy snack of strawberries and raspberries,
#3 Wall Art on one of the shop fronts in Cowes (Isle of Wight),
#4 Essie 'IN THE CAB-ANA, I love this colour and it has stayed chip free YIPEEEE,
#5 Family gardening, a family that gardens together stays together!!!  My mother is on a mission to spruce everything up for the Summer, so everyone was involved this weekend, my jobs were Geranium planting and helping my little brothers move these massive flints amazingly my nails stayed in tact. 

Hope everyone else had a lovely week. S.x 


  1. Hey Sophie, I love these posts they are so fun to read! Please do more?

    You have a lovely blog, I love nail polish/nail art! Perhaps you could share a nail art tutorial with us?

    Great blog!

    Love, Lou xxx

  2. Thank you so much, I am going to do try and do one every week if my life is interesting enough! x


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